The home, the place where you live, an emotional shelter. The home and its style told through the selection of objects and furniture.
A long journey into design and aesthetic research, to express what we are.
Devina Nais tells different lifestyles to live your home with creativity.
To design and realize furniture, making values such as high handcrafted quality and design within everyone’s reach.


Our furniture, through varying styles and several different finishes, is able to bring personality both to majestic, classic furnishings and also to rooms with minimalist, modern designs.
Whatever your style may be, you will not find it difficult to fall in love with wood once you discover its incredible potential.
Devina Nais follows all the phases of production daily, from raw material to the delivery to your home.
We turn solid wood into a value that is meant to last over time.


Our production is not serial, but it’s a kind of "atelier" where each piece is cut and hand-finished rounding off the details.
Each leather piece is selected for its being unique, and an eventual flaw on the leather is to be considered no more as a flaw, but it becomes an integral part of the final result we wish to obtain.
The manufacturing, which recalls techniques and precision of carpenters of other times, can instil to the models presented a forgotten taste, which recalls little and great delights to be shared.


We strongly believe that the future will allow the customer to personalise his/her furniture, that is why our department committed to the production of custom-made furniture and also modular furniture is continuously developing.
Devina Nais will quickly realize every sketch or design requested and with a nominal charge.