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Tavoli in legno massello
Tutto nasce dal legno. Attorno ai suoi nodi sono sviluppati i progetti dei nostri tavoli.
Seguendo le sue linee nascono concept di design indimenticabili.
Potentemente grezzi o finemente sagomati, i top in legno massiccio segnano con il loro carattere qualsiasi ambiente, professionale e privato.
L’unione con il ferro esalta la forza materica e la maestria artigianale di Devina Nais.
L’audace contrasto con il vetro rappresenta una sfida all’ordinario, che sa appagare i gusti più esigenti.



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Coffee Tables is a collection of original solutions, different and surprising.
Coffee tables which dominate every room thanks to their proportions and sturdiness of wood, like Brooklyn and Komposer, or tables like Daytona which represent agility and sophistication.
Even authentic outsider for dynamism and versatility, like the extremely versatile Pallet on wheels and the extendable Fast and Handy.

Compact but adaptable, Devina Nais consoles carry out different tasks, conforming to the space and to personal needs thanks to the possibility of extension.
Style is the key word in every kind of use.

Practicality or beauty. Adaptability or uniqueness. Why choosing? Thanks to the extendable tables of Devina Nais, you can adapt solutions of absolute design to your needs of space and life, conceiving every space in a dynamic way.
After testing different options, relying on invisible mechanisms of latest generation, it will be easy for you to design a table which satisfies all your desires.

Designer element of high level in style, design and quality, the fixed tables by Devina Nais stand out for their own personality.
They enrich spaces with a discreet luxury: the opportunity to create contexts and situations which represent only yourselves.