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Solid wood tables

Everything originates from wood. The projects of our tables were developed around their knots. Following its lines, we create concepts of an unforgettable design. Impressively raw or finely moulded, wooden tops in solid oak have, with their character, an influence on any space, both professional or private. Union with iron enhances the natural strength and craftsmanship of Devina Nais. A brave contrast with glass represents a challenge to the ordinary schemes and it can satisfy the most requiring tastes.



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Coffee Tables is a collection of original, different and surprising solutions.
Coffee tables that can dominate every room thanks to important proportions and sturdiness of wood, like Brooklyn and Komposer, or elements that can make themselves popular for their agility and sophistication, like Daytona. Or even real outsider for their dynamism or versatility, like moving Pallet on wheels and Fast and Handy that can be opened.

Round Coffe Table Tetris
Rectangular coffee tables Tetris
Coffee table Wood
Coffee Table Twins

Compact but adaptable, Devina Nais consoles carry out different tasks, conforming to the space and to personal needs thanks to the possibility of extension. Style is the key word in every kind of use.

Practicality or beauty. Adaptability or uniqueness. Why choosing? Thanks to the extendable tables of Devina Nais, you can adapt solutions of absolute design to your needs of space and life, conceiving every space in a dynamic way.
After testing different options, relying on invisible mechanisms of latest generation, it will be easy for you to design a table which satisfies all your desires.

Brooklyn extensible table
Mini-Brooklyn extensible table
Table Loki
Table Tara

Free Tables is the brand new and innovative system developed by Devina Nais to create your table/ coffee table. By choosing the kind of top, sizes, colour, and legs, you can create your own personal and unique table.

Master Table
Table Wood
Table Twins
Table Smart

Designer element of high level in style, design and quality, the fixed tables by Devina Nais stand out for their own personality.
They enrich spaces with a discreet luxury: the opportunity to create contexts and situations which represent only yourselves.

Table Frame
Table Castle
Table Brooklyn
Table Mini-Brooklyn