DEVINA NAIS / “the natural path of history”
Devina Nais designs and makes furniture and fashion furnishing accessory, using only selected wood, with artisan passion and total respect for first raw and environment, in order to create interior design concepts capable to enhance imagination, wellness and positivity.


Every day, in every single step of our design and executive project, we focus our energy and attention on the shared object of our job: Beauty.
It may be both a draft on a paper or a piece of wood in our hands, we examine and take care of every detail.
When we stroke tress to choose them, when we study grains of wood to decide how to manage it, when we mould the material to create something new.
It’s the heart that guides hands and eyes, in search for the imperceptible details which make the difference.
Because job is passion for us.
And we work in team, aiming to the same object: absolute quality.


Devina Nais is a young project that grows from strong roots: roots of artisan tradition. Thanks to high expertise, we are able to grow with enthusiasm, developing our proposals incessantly.


Our aim is creating places where dreaming is easy, where one can express and acknowledge his/her style in every corner, where one can feel free and proud of himself/herself.
Devina Nais would like to dictate a new style of furnishings, celebrating the modern potential of wood and making a personal change to the concept of “design furniture”.


There is no beauty without harmony.
And harmony exists only respecting natural balance.


We are deeply aware of the fundamental value of natural resources of the Planet.
For this reason, we deal with raw material, wood, with care and sense of responsibility:  we do not use exotic species coming from threaten ecosystems.
We use only wood taken from forests that are responsibly managed, where biodiversity and plants’ life cycle are guaranteed by a controlled reforestation.


We do believe that the place where we live is part of us, a place where we make room to beauty, harmony and inspiration.
We think that being exclusive means to be original, selective and recognizable… We do not exclude.
For this reason, we draw and make objects that evoke emotions and moments of ordinary life, capable to conform, like a haute couture suit, to the needs of the person they are meant for.
Accordingly, we continue to study and design new furniture solutions which are always more and more ecologically sustainable, respectful of man’s health and environment. But also accessible.
Because we don’t focus on furniture: our priority is the one who choose them.


We think that a piece of furniture is a life partner. Not a passive object to handle, not a silent witness of our lives… But a tool to carry beauty into our rooms, an ally to express our personality, a memory to keep and entrust to next generations.
For this reason, we follow every piece, form the project to the finishing, from packaging to delivery.


According to us, customisation and flexibility are undeniable requirements: in our warehouse we shelter 3,500 cubic metres of material that is always ready, in order to satisfy our clients’ requests quickly and efficiently.
We select, classify and manage with accuracy the wood most suitable to satisfy the production of great urgent commissions and continuous models.


The best wood, selected and stored with competence, is the starting point: the raw material that lets our carpenters express their skills as best as they can.
They are not mere executors of a designer’s project, but also expert professionals: they are the only ones to be able to instil the unmistakable taste of an artisan object to furniture.
Only in this way, combining modern design and artisan manual skill, we can create valuable objects with a distinctive style.


They are different executions of a concept: one in a million expressions of artisan manual skill and naturalness of wood. Every piece is unique and inimitable.

This fact is enhanced and developed at most: from the beginning Devina Nais chose to invest in product customisation.  Thanks to a free and provident vision at the design stage, to a highly flexible productive modality (and mentality), we are capable to make unique pieces, also bespoken ones.