Upholstered headboard Chloé

Collection/Free Beds

In a game of lightness and softness that invites you to relax,
the fabric headboard introduces a new element from the
Devina Nais collection. The large cushions with essential details
underline the tension of the lines of the wooden bed frame and
the total cleanliness of the design.

Ethereal and candid, this new model plays on the bouclette effect to arouse relaxing
and extremely comfortable tactile sensations.
Like a wave of the sea, which stretches towards us and then drags itself away with it,
the Chloé headboard creates seduction through impalpability.
The light color of the fabrics resonates with the natural wood color of the bed frame,
merging in an inspired multi-material combination.

Inspired by the essential efficiency of the natural world,
the creative idea of this model exploits the simple difference of
materials to create delicate chromatic nuances and insert its
relaxing aesthetic rhythm into the room.

Prestigious and emblematic, but always adaptable to contexts and compositions.
This leather headboard has a strong yet never intrusive personality,
a balanced and protective force, made precious by the attention to every detail.

This composition designed by suspended volumes and soft colors is
an invitation to enter the dreamlike dimension.
The large cushions in soft fabric delimit an enveloping space,
made up of possibilities and illusions, memories and rest.


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